Its Thursday morning, 3am, however I’ve been on WordPress tinkering and messing about with themes and customization, and you may have noticed the theme has changed for the better.

This theme allows for some cheeky sidebars that show my twitter feed and my filtered photos from my streaming account. My twitter and Instagram do predominatly promote my stream, but I should make myself focus more on tweeting more about what I get up to socially. I have the fans to think about…

Also, you can now see my PC specs (AMD Master Race) and navigate back and forth. Simple ain’t it?

Rounding off, I should also say that I played Undertale today on my stream, my gosh what a game! I was certainly gutted to admit that I was wrong and I loved every second of playing it.  Who knew I could be so moved and intrigued by a game. Its probably the best story game I have played since Professor Layton and the Lost Future, (now that’s a game to play!)

Pic related.