What it is with single player games?

I have found a new love, fighting for myself, I am the single player. I honestly do not feel like cooperating with people on games anymore. Its at this point I got thinking about how much I now like to fend for myself.

Before I carry on with this post, don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong with me wanting to play by myself and not with friends etc., but I have hit a point where I felt that I just want to be alone and fend and think for myself, whether that be in a world on my own, or fighting against myself against a massive amount of fellow gamers in a post-apocalyptic environment to be crowned the sole winner.

The main reason I have to decided to just feel alone and sink into my own world is that I have hit a real slump in what I want to play. I streamed fairly regularly and still aim to do it, but a problem I have at the moment is that the games that I really want to play, are ones that are not entertaining to watch for others, so I am playing multiplayer games and having the same repetitive experiences, but I do it for the stream sake because I love my viewers. I also am struggling with some personal issues so losing myself in a world on my own is just a way I can forget it all and do what I want, be who I want, discover and explore new worlds and take some anger out on digital people.

For me, it started when I played Unravel.


I was so hyped for the game and it did not disappoint me. I already have wrote an article for it, which you can read here, but playing that game was so beautiful and so easy to lose myself in, I emotionally cared for the story in that and almost forgot I was streaming it at the same time. I honestly believe I would love to experience it more in depth for myself and see more of what the game has to offer, as I know I was sort of rushed to finish it.

After I had finished out my second year of university, I become free to do what I want. It was then I wanted to obviously get the streaming going again. CS:GO and Overwatch were popular games to watch being played, but for me it had got to a point where I wasn’t feeling that this is what I wanted to play. So I found a new game, Subnautica.

Subnautica is essentially the idea that you have crash landed on an alien planet with earth-like qualities. You are stranded in the middle of the ocean, starting with only the escape pod as your shelter. Then you can gradually build and craft items for better exploration, dive deeper and deeper, eat fish and find exotic plants for food, find valuable resources for computing equipment in order to build a successful and resourceful base in which to survive in. For me with how I feel, the thing I love about this is that I can be alone. I can just do what I feel like, and its such a beautiful world to get lost in, albeit scary sometimes, I don’t like to go into pitch black darkness not knowing whats there. I did stream this, and I enjoyed it a lot more because it was definitely a better way to express more about how I like to game, and I generally feel I am like as a person. I understand it can be seen as casual, but gaming is gaming, I don’t really think there should be a stopping point for what is a game and what isn’t. Playing Subnautica definitely is what I want to play, be that on stream or not. You can watch highlights of it here.

However, I don’t have to be the only human in the world.

An example of a standoff in Battle Royale.

H1Z1: King of the Kill is hilariously addictive, even if it has its faults, e.g. loading times, game crashing glitches, broken assets (it is an alpha game still however, so I cannot complain). On H1, I can just fight other people, have a laugh, get frustrated, start again, maybe win a game? It doesn’t matter to me, what matters is the same reasons as before. Only this time, I want to be the last man. Prove myself I can do it on my own, without having to support other people in a team, which is one the reasons I got so annoyed with Overwatch. I got deranked heavily and it was not much fun to climb back up myself. In H1, there’s no ranking, merely pride.

One of the billions of gorgeous beaches in No Man’s Sky.

It’s here where I finish my thoughts about this with the upcoming game of No Man’s Sky. This game was announced four years ago, and I honestly cannot contain my excitement for it. You have such a vast universe to explore and discover and conquer. And the best part? I will never meet another player. No one. I can be God there. That is the feeling I want. That is why i want to play these single player games, to have that feeling of power and having no one to rely on. I don’t exactly know my own feelings at this point in time, but having the ability to get away from it all into your own world for whatever reason, is something pretty special.

– John