He is finally here.

Gandhi is the latest leader to get a first look for Sid Meier’s Civilization VI. He has long been a running joke in the franchise for his devastating nuclear war tactics on other civilizations, even though he is meant to be seen as one of the most famous peace advocates in history.

Here is his first look video:

India’s ability is ‘Satyagraha’. For each civilization they meet which has already founded a religion and is not at war, India will receive a significant faith boost. Other civilizations will receive happiness penalties for fighting against Gandhi.

Religion also plays into their second ability, Dharma. This means they receive all the follower benefits of all present religions in their cities, not just their own.

India’s unique unit, the ‘Varu’, reduces the combat strength of adjacent enemy units.

“My elephant intimates your warriors. Bow down to me!”

The ‘Stepwell’ is the unique tile improvement, and it provides housing and food to the city. It gives out bonus food if built next to a farm and faith if built next to a holy site.


Food and faith will not be a problem when playing as India, and the key to success will be to connect all the world religions together to reap the rewards.

I beg of you to believe me that I will not nuke your cities in 10 turns time.

Just don’t try to nuke anyone, please.